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Kayak en Garden Route, Sudáfrica

Adventure in africa

Africa offers as many possibilities to discover it as there are types of travelers. If you are restless and it is not enough for you to observe, but you want to be part of the activities, these trips are for you.

In South Africa you can go whale watching between July and  October, when the humpbacks rise from Antarctica and look for warm waters to give birth and feed before returning, home of the great white shark, where you can dive in cage to see this great skunk. Also the amount of dolphins that you can find on its shores offers you an unforgettable excursion to see them. If you like to go out to the ocean by kayak, this is your chance, if you are lucky the penguins will accompany you on the journey, along with some seals.

The journey from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth is known as the Garden Route, where you can take a safari "guide" course, as an amateur, without qualification, but you will learn many things about fauna and flora, how to interpret footprints or the behavior of some animals.

In Namibia you will fly over the Namibian coast on one side and the Namib Desert on the other, the oldest in the world.

You will do walking safaris in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana or Tanzania, to end up sleeping in a "Skybed", a bed in the middle of nature with the stars as a ceiling and the sounds of the African night as a lullaby to sleep.

In Tanzania you will trek from Lake Natron to the Ngorongoro Crater, sleeping in tents and being escorted by professional guides.

And in Laikipia, Kenya, you will do rhinoceros tracking with some exceptional guides.

All our activities will always be with animals in the wild, never in captivity and wild animals will never be touched.

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Angama Mara Signature Video

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