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The possibilities of discovering Africa with infinite, can be reached by plane, by car, by boat, on foot, many options since the first discoverers found the wonders of a diverse continent, with 54 countries, hundreds of tribes and a multitude of landscapes.

It is possibly the continent with the most varied diversity of fauna, as well as a number of large mammals that roam its lands.

The ways of organizing a safari on the continent vary depending on the type of traveler, as there are as many possibilities for safaris as there are travelers, those who want to go their own way by driving a car, those who are getting married and have been planning this much desired trip for years. , those who want to teach the children of the house lions, giraffes, leopards and much more, those who will travel as a family of several generations and dream of this moment, those who are looking for something very special, migrations, cultures or tribes, those who want combine a safari in the most luxurious accommodations, with an unforgettable wildlife experience, those who dare to do anything and will go out to the ocean in a kayak, to look for penguins, they will get into a cage to dive and see the great white shark, or they will jump from the bridge that connects Zimbabwe with Zambia in Victoria Falls in rafting, those who want to join an organized group and thus meet other people with the same hobbies, those who repeat and want to go further, doing safaris on foot with the best guides, those who enjoy sleeping in a romantic "Skybed" or bed outdoors in nature, with the stars as a ceiling  or the photographers who have planned to come to the continent to take the best photos, ever seen.

At theafricanexperiences we can combine all the options so that your dream of coming to this unique continent becomes a reality, with the maximum professionalism, experience and guarantee.

Which of all these types of travelers are you?

Time Tide Liuwa, King Lewanika, Zambia
Safari de lujo en White Pearl, Mozambique
Safari con niños en Somalisa, Zimbabwe
Safari en grupo.jpg
Safari en familia en Somalisa Acacia, Zimbabwe
León, África.jpg
Robin Pope safaris a pie, Zambia
Migración de los ñues
Safari self drive en Botswana
Safaris de aventura en África
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