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Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, Sudáfr


If you have never slept in nature, this will be your chance, you will enjoy a very comfortable bed, a warm duvet, a private bathroom and of course all the security of being on a platform, without the danger that any animal can approach.

At theafricanexperiences we are passionate about including at least one night during your safari, in one of these beds. We must reserve them in advance, as there are very few and the demand is very high.

The experience will begin with a dinner to watch the sunset, then you will stay in your "room" in the open air, where you can enjoy a ceiling full of millions of stars, listen to the sounds of the wonderful African night, feel the temperature in your face while you are inside the duvet and awaken the smell through many and diverse smells that will come through the air and make your brain wake up.

Of course, if you want to return to your normal room at night, we will have it reserved and stored for you, who knows if it will be colder than expected or the light if there is a full moon, it will not let you sleep, do not worry we have everything in mind Your guide will be close, but respecting your privacy, and connected with a walkie-talk, so that with a call, he or she will come and pick you up.

We assure you that you will not forget this experience easily, as it will transport you to when as a child, you explored the forest and it was night, a magical moment full of emotion, that you do not want to end.

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