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Little Kulala, Namibia


Why Namibia is special

Namibia is a unique destination not only for those in love with the wildlife of Africa, but also for all those who are surprised by unique landscapes that seem to be brought from other planets.

With the world's oldest desert, the world's largest population of black rhinos and wild cheetahs, the last desert-adapted elephants and lions, Namibia boasts a type of wildlife that won't be seen elsewhere on the continent.

Because of how the country is, the possibilities we offer you to discover Namibia are very wide, from our luxury safaris by plane, from where you will see the best landscapes from the air, to our guided road safaris, passing through the usual Self & Drive , where we can prepare a tailor-made route for you, in 4x4, sleeping in small charming accommodations in chosen places or in camps to feel free in a country well prepared to camp in the places enabled and prepared for it.

Namibia has some of the most surprising accommodations on the continent, located in places that you can only access in small planes or after days on sandy tracks in a 4x4.

Among its most visited places are the Etosha National Park, the world's largest sea lion colony in Cape Cross, the wild Skeleton Coast, the small towns of Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, the Namib Desert, with dunes of up to 300 m high and the Deadvlei lagoons, the Epupa Falls, the Twyfelfontain geological formations, the Fish River Canyon or Damaraland, from where if you are lucky you will be able to see desert elephants.

Namibia is fascinating and does not disappoint. What type of traveler are you in Namibia ???

When to travel to

With a desert climate, Namibia experiences great variations between day and night and between winter and summer. During the day the average temperature is 25ºC, falling drastically during the night.

December to March is the rainy season and you could have heavy and prolonged downpours. The day begins blue, the clouds will form, they will discharge and again blue day.

April to June are very good months to visit Namibia, no longer rains, green landscapes, less tourism and more affordable prices in general.

July to November, totally dry season, the most popular time to travel to Namibia, as well as a unique time to see a lot of fauna together in the pools of water. Very cold nights.

Some of our safaris

Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana, Namibia


Essence of Namibia Self Drive or Guided

8 night trip through Namibia. You can drive at your own pace or have one of our guides take you. We will also take care of all the accommodations and plan your trip.

From € 1,744 to € 5,832 per person

2 desierto de namibia.jpg


Namibia by luxury plane

8 nights to discover Namibia from the heights. Being able to see the dimension of the desert from the air. You will also stay in unique camps and lodges and  unforgettable.

From € 8,685 to € 11,250 per person

Hoanib Valley Camp, Namibia

Namibia + Sao Tome and Principe

Luxury safari by plane + Sao Tomé

12 nights, Namibia from the air with the best accommodations and the most representative national parks and then travel to the beaches of Príncipe, Biosphere Reserve.

Check the price.

These are some ideas, if you want to see more ...

Desert Rhino Camp – Pioneering Namibian Rhino Conservation

Desert Rhino Camp – Pioneering Namibian Rhino Conservation

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