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Why Seychelles is special

If there is a place to feel Robinson Crusoe, this is Seychelles, a place of incomparable beauty, where you can  explore some of its lush 155 islands, located 1,500 km away. east of continental Africa.

You can do countless activities, such as:  from diving in some of the best seabed in the world, hiking through the virgin jungle of Valle Mai de Praslin, bird watching in a world landmark such as Bird Island, seeing giant land turtles, practicing kitesurfing on Beau Vallon beach, sail until sunset or enjoy a walk along one of its amazing beaches and enjoy the sunset.

Probably the best known islands are Praslin, La Digue and Mahe, the latter being the entry point for international flights. To move between the islands there is a ferry and plane service that works very well, but these are not the only islands, there are also North, Silohuette  or  Fregate Islands, among others, where you will find the least visited places and with it, hidden or remote places. One place that we like a lot is the atoll that makes up the "Outer Islands", where you can "escape" from the world, in beautiful accommodations, to enjoy a lot of marine life and learn about the incredible conservation project that they are carrying out in these luxury accommodations.

Manta rays, giant tortoises, many fish, sharks, colorful birds, dolphins and picture-postcard beaches await you in Seychelles, combined with accommodations for all travelers, from small boutique hotels to larger, internationally renowned hotels.

North Island, Seychelles

When to travel to Seychelles

The best  months to visit Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These months are the transitional months between the hot and humid trade winds from the northwest (November to March) and the cooler trade winds from the southeast from April to October.

Visiting Seychelles the rest of the months offers temperatures  very soft, perfect for sunbathing, watching wildlife and snorkeling.

It can be visited throughout the year, with an average temperature of 26ºC.


The least influx of tourism will be in December, January, July and August, so you can benefit from better prices on accommodation or excursions. These months are highly recommended for traveling to Seychelles.


Some of our trips

Carana Hotel, Seychelles


Carana Hotel Boutique in Mahe

4 nights in Carana will know you little in this boutique hotel with chalets  looking at the beach where you can enjoy every day in Seychelles.

From € 1,480 per person

Anantara Maia, Seychelles


Anantara Maia, maximum luxury

4 nights in one of the most luxurious hotels in Mahe, where you will have an all-inclusive regime and non-motorized activities to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the hotel.

From 4,450 per pers.

Blue Safari Seychelles

Outer Islands, Seychelles

Blue Safari in the Indian Ocean

4 or 7 nights in remote and lost islands in the middle of the ocean. We suggest you go to a place where no one arrives, wild nature with the maximum comforts.

From € 3,730 to € 5,957 per person

These are some ideas, if you want to see more ...

North Island, Seychelles - Our Private Villas

North Island, Seychelles - Our Private Villas

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