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Safari de lujo, en Noka Camp, Sudáfrica

Luxury safaris

What is luxury? Isn't it something very subjective?

At theafricanexperiences, we believe that a luxury safari is a sum of many factors, starting with a special accommodation, not only at the highest level of comfort and service, but also accommodation that is located in a remote area, where only the clients of the accommodation enjoy that experience, where the impact of humans is so minimal that the intact nature is perceived at all times.

In addition, the experiences must be unforgettable, something that cannot be done in many other places with great ease, but rather be something special.

Of course, in this luxury safari, we must find a balance between the best accommodations and the privacy of our clients, so that only they know that they have made this trip or who they have decided to tell about it.

For theafricanexperiences it is very important to work with accommodation of different levels, and to all, luxury or super luxury, we ask the same, that they be involved with local communities, that they generate jobs and revert part of the benefits in the conservation of the ecosystems and fauna they protect.

If you are looking for excellence in your safari, we can help you find those places to get to know this continent, with the best experience and professionalism, from the moment you leave home and until you return.

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Angama Mara Signature Video

Angama Mara Signature Video

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