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Safari de luna de miel en África

Honeymoon safaris

This will be possibly one of the most important trips of your lives, a honeymoon safari.

Like everything related to the rest of the wedding, you will start preparing it well in advance, this will be of enormous help for us, to be able to help you find the complete trip that suits your tastes, budget and travel style. .

We would love to meet with you, by phone, Zoom, Skype or at our Madrid office, it will be the best way to get to know you and thus understand your travel expectations, what you want in full detail.

We will configure your honeymoon trip, completely tailor-made, including activities, visits or excursions designed for couples like you.

From the moment you start preparing the honeymoon safari and until you return home, you will always speak with the same travel advisor, so communication will be very fluid and transparent, nothing will fail.

Regarding the budget of your honeymoon, do not worry, knowing Africa at the level that we know it in theafricanexperiences, will help us to offer you various accommodation options, from simple lodges, but charming and well located, to the most luxurious options in places remote and ending in exotic and romantic beaches.

We are waiting for you to be your support, in something as important as the honeymoon trip.

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Angama Mara Signature Video

Angama Mara Signature Video

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