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Safari in the Congo

Why Congo is special

There are 2 Congos in Africa, one with some constant instability, Congo Kinshasa and another extremely friendly, quiet and an exceptional destination for those in love with Africa, Congo Brazzaville. We are going to take you to Congo Brazzaville.

Congo was colonized by the Portuguese and the French, but in 1960, it became independent and became a sovereign country, to have its own identity.

Our safaris in Congo Brazza will take you to the Odzala-Kokoua National Park located north of the Equator, where there is the highest density of savanna gorillas in the world. This park was created in 1935, has an area of 13,600 km2.

The wildlife in this park is overwhelming, with savanna gorillas, water buffalo, jungle elephants, a great diversity of birds, antelopes that only exist here, wild jungle pigs, endemic amphibians and a wide variety of unique plants and trees. .

Our perfect combination, includes all 3  accommodations located within the park and with the possibility of extension to the Central African Republic to see the "bai" of the forest, a pangolin rescue center and learn about their tribes.

Congo is for an experienced traveler, because the accommodations are of a high standard, but the activities are for travelers adapted to everything, who walk and who enjoy doing activities with certain physical demands, such as walking through mud, rivers, canoeing or exploring the jungles with guides, to see gorilla families.

Odzala, Lango Camp, Congo

When to travel to Congo

Humid, wet and very wet, this is the climate in the jungle of the heart of Africa, but there are dry days too. Rain is part of the ecosystem, but with food, animals are always here, so any time is good to visit Congo and explore its fauna and landscapes.

Mid-June to September, light rains, although July is the driest month, along with August.

December to February, heavier rains.

End of April to May, higher temperatures, short rains.

October and November are the rainiest and most unstable months in terms of weather.

Some of our safaris

Congo, Odzala National Park

Congo - Brazzaville

Savannah gorilla safari

4 nights in the heart of the Congo, 4 nights at Ngaga Camp and 1 night at Mboko Camp. This is a safari for those who want to see only the African savanna gorillas.

7,260 € in double | 8,830 € in single

Congo, Odzala National Park

Congo and Central African Rep.

Congo and Central African Republic

10 nights. Experience for experienced travelers in the heart of Africa or who are very prepared to visit a very remote area of the planet, in camps  deluxe.

13,100 € in double | 17,025 € in single

Congo, Odzala National Park

Congo - Brazzaville

Savanna gorillas and jungle elephants

7 nights, 4  of them in the Odzala Kokoua National Park, where you will explore this national park more thoroughly, seeing gorillas, elephants and many other jungle animals.

9,940 € in double | 12,238 € in single

Safari en Congo, Parque Nacional Odzala

Congo and Central African Rep.

Super Congo and Central African Rep.

eleven  nights. A unique journey, in which you will explore surprising areas of the planet in the heart of Africa, full of fauna, jungles and ancient tribes. Luxury accommodations.

10,690 € in double | 19,008 € in single

Congo, Odzala National Park

Congo - Brazzaville

Complete Congo, gorillas, elephants and much more

10 nights that include 2 gorilla permits, many safaris to see elephants, antelopes endemic to this area, buffalo and many brightly colored birds.

12,720 € in double | 16,645 € in single

These are some ideas, if you want to see more ...

Odzala Discovery Camps - The last jungles of Tarzan (Congo Conservation Company)

Odzala Discovery Camps - The last jungles of Tarzan (Congo Conservation Company)

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