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Walking safaris

Wow walking safaris. This is not for everyone ..... is it?

Without a doubt, walking safaris are for anyone who is in an acceptable physical condition and who can walk around 4-5 kilometers without problem.

The walking safaris, take us back many years when the explorers of this continent entered the countries walking and discovering a world full of wonderful animals.

Currently things have changed, the guides are professionals with extensive knowledge of the fauna, flora and  behavior of the most dangerous animals so as not to have any problems. In addition, the guides are always armed with a rifle just in case, but we have to tell you that most guides, with years of experience, have never used their rifle, much more than to carry it around every day.

A walking safari is a way to see animals in a very respectful, calm and relaxed way, both for fauna and for humans.

Walking safaris are done in many parts of Africa, but it should be noted that Zimbabwe and Zambia have the best guides on the continent and the experience will be fascinating. There are also walking safaris in South Africa, in the Laikipia area in Kenya and in Namibia to see rhinos, and in southern Tanzania, in Ruaha, Selous and Mikumi, areas with the highest concentration of lions in the world.

If you are passionate about nature or you have already done so many safaris that the time has come for more special safaris, contact us and we will be passionate about organizing a special safari, combining 4x4 safaris and walking safaris.

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Safari a pie en Tanzania, Wayo África

Tanzania 9D/8N

Si lo tuyo no es estar todo un safari en un 4x4 sin disfrutar de otras actividades este es tu safari. Tribus, canoas, fuego de campamento, safaris a pie, rastrear elefantes, ir con masais y mucho más en un safari único e inolvidable.

Tenemos 4 salidas programadas en 2024.

5.700 € por pers.



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