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Avenida de los Baobabs, Madagascar


Why Madagascar is special

Madagascar is a paradise of  endemic wildlife, chameleons and geckos to start with. It is the only place in the world where you can see lemurs in the wild.  In addition, you can enjoy the passage of whales in season.

Madagascar is a destination that has no equal, the 4th largest island in the world and named as the 8th continent, due to the amount of biodiversity it houses.

The safaris in Madagascar are completely different from how they are done on the African continent, where you can see the fauna in 4x4. Things are different here and you will discover the national parks by hiking, where you will discover the endemic fauna of the island. It does not have large mammals, but small but fascinating animals.

Trips to the red island  They are normally done by 4x4 type car, because although the distances are long, there are many options to visit. In the cultural aspect, the possibilities are very wide and the air infrastructure quite limited.

Regarding accommodation, it must be taken into account that there is a lot of offer of all levels, basic, intermediate and some luxury, but not much or in all the places you will visit.

The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which we can add at the end of your trip around the island or at the end of your safari in some of the countries we offer on the continent.

Constance Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

When to travel to Madagascar

You can travel to Madagascar at any time of the year, taking into account that:

From December to March, it is the main rainy season, with some cyclones in the south.

We could say that the best time climatically speaking is between April and December, being prepared for all types of climates.

From July to September is the time of whale migration and the months with the best weather for the beach.

October to November time for lemur offspring, although adults are seen all year round.

April is a very beautiful time for landscapes because of the light, with very little tourism.

September to December is the best time to combine sightings of lemurs, chameleons and stays on the beach.


Some of our trips

Camaleon en Madagascar


Treasures of northern Madagascar

10 nights of circuit in the north of the red island. You will start in the capital, to move north, explore one of its parks and end on the paradisiacal island of Nosy Be.

From 2,885  € up to 3.071  € per pers.

Mujer de Madagascar


Wonders of Red Island

21 nights in which you will travel a large part of the most interesting areas of the interior to the south west and then west. This circuit will surprise you.

From 4,471  € up to 5,291  € per pers.

Avenida de los Baobabs, Morondava, Madag


The route of the western giants

7-night circuit from the capital to Morondava where the best known Baobabs Avenue in all of Madagascar is located, exploring a very beautiful itinerary.

From 2,132  € up to 2.402  € per pers.

Lemur en Madagascar


Southern route to the Indian Ocean

10 exciting nights in which you will travel from the capital to the south west. You will pass through deserts, jungles, mountains and you will find hundreds of villages with their friendly people.

From 2,173  € up to 2.432  € per pers.

Lemur en Madagascar


Getaway east and route south

12 nights, in which you will travel the country mainly to the south, entering to the east, where you will discover some of the greenest parks on the island.

From € 2,508 to € 2,838 per person

Iharana Bush Camp, Madagascar


Adventurous honeymoon trip

14 nights full of adventure and experiences for travelers who do not want to waste time or be stopped. National parks, trekking and dream beaches.

From 3,195  € up to 3.791  € per pers.

Time + Tide Miavana - Let us show you Madagascar

Time + Tide Miavana - Let us show you Madagascar

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