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Le Morne, Isla Mauricio

Maurice Island

Why is Mauritius special

Mauritius is a small island located in the Indian Ocean, with postcard beaches and green mountains in its interior that captivate from the first moment.

A vacation in Mauritius can be for many types of travelers, from those who will spend part or their entire honeymoon in one of the beautiful and comfortable hotels that are on its coasts, to families who want to enjoy a unique stay in the island, even those who want to do many activities in its interior or on its seabed.

The island has a fascinating history, descendants of European, African, Indian and Chinese immigrants make up the majority of the population and each of them has left their mark on the island. There are 2 main languages, Creole and French, although being a first-rate tourist destination, it is also normal to find many people who speak English.

Inside you can find sugar plantations, beautiful Hindu temples or dine savoring a cuisine inspired by a melting pot of culinary traditions.

The variety of accommodations is infinite, from small boutique-style hotels to relatively large hotels by number of rooms, but as they are camouflaged in beaches full of vegetation, they do not seem so big. Mauritius has accommodations for all types of travelers.

St. Regis Mauritius

When to travel to
Maurice Island

You can travel to Mauritius at any time of the year, as the temperature will always be very pleasant and warm. As Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean, it enjoys a tropical climate.

It has 2 very marked seasons, which we must take into account:

Summer runs from November to April, coinciding with the highest temperatures and being the rainy season on the island.

Winter is from May to October, being a winter unlike the one we have in Europe. It is the dry season.

The island's topography causes small microclimates;  it can be sunny on one side and rain on the other, a few kilometers from where we are.

Some of our trips

Bubble Lodge, Isla Mauricio

Maurice Island

Hotel Bubble Mauritius

2 nights. Can you imagine sleeping in a totally transparent bubble watching the stars, but with all the comforts.

Check the price.

Zilwa Attitude, Isla Mauricio

Maurice Island

Zilwa Attitude Mauritius

4 nights in this beautiful hotel located in the north of the island. This hotel is for those looking for small, boutique-style hotels.

Check the price.

Hotel Lux Le Morne, Isla Mauricio

Maurice Island

Hotel Lux Le Morne

4 nights in the south west of the island, in the Le Morne area. Lux is a luxury hotel where you can enjoy an environment like no other.

Check the price.



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