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Why Mozambique is special

With an extension of coasts bathed by the Indian Ocean, Mozambique combines dream beaches, safaris in unknown places and a culture typical of a country, which the Portuguese once had.

It has three unrepeatable areas, the Quirimbas Archipelago, located to the north, Ilha de Mozambique, in the center of the country and with a history that captivates, and the Bazaruto Archipelago, with its 5 main islands, one of the few viable populations in manatees of the world  and some coral bottoms of great wealth.

This fascinating country has wildlife, mainly in its best known national parks, Limpopo, which borders the Kruger in South Africa and further north, Gorongosa, which after the war was completely devastated and has a very promising future, thanks to the conservation efforts.

One of the most important points in Mozambique is Tofo, from where you can go out to do dives to see reef mantas or alfredi manta, with their almost 7 meters in size, as well as sharks, turtles and whale sharks, which also go to these shores.

Maputo is a city with a lot of history, a port city of  Portuguese colonial architecture and capital of the country. It has the Maputo Elephant Reserve, a reserve located on the coast and where many families can enjoy this amazing pachyderm.

Mozambique is a journey in itself or easily combined with the countries of southern Africa and southern Tanzania.

Anantara Medjumbe, Quirimbas Archipielag

When to travel to Mozambique

Mozambique is huge, between the north and the south  there is 15º latitude and it has 1,600 km of beaches.

December to March is the rainy season, this time being a little longer in the north.

April to November is considered the best time to come to Mozambique, without rain and with a good climate, being somewhat cold at night in July and August.

Between June and November is whale season.

Between January and March is the arrival season for turtles to lay their eggs on the beach.

September is a good month to see baby mammals in Gorongosa.

From April to November, it is a good time to see dolphins, manta rays and manatees in the Indian Ocean.

Some of our safaris / trips

Nsala Safari Camp, Kruger, Sudáfrica

South Africa and Mozambique

South Africa,  Mozambique Self Drive

17 nights driving a 4x4 SUV, driving at your own pace, you will do safaris in Kruger and Gorongosa. In Mozambique you will end up on a wonderful beach. Hotels with charm.

From 4,995  € per pers.

Azura Benguerra Island, Mozambique


Azura Benguerra, luxury in Bazaruto

4 nights in one of the best hotels in the Bazaruto Archipelago. A luxury hotel on unforgettable beaches, like the helicopter flight that you can do.

From 2,527  € up to € 6,536 per person

Baia Sonambula, Tofo, Mozambique


Charming hotel in Tofo, facing the sea

4 nights to do some of the nautical activities, diving with the whale shark, diving with a bottle to see mantas, walking and enjoying this fishing village.

From 202  € up to 795  € per pers.

Machangulo Beach Lodge, Mozambique

South Africa and Mozambique

South Africa Boutique and Mozambique

14 nights in which you will discover Cape Town, the beautiful Garden Route at your own pace, you will go on safaris in Kruger in a luxury accommodation and you will end up on the beaches of Mozambique.

Check the price.

Simbavati Hilltop Lodge, Kruger, Sudáfri

South Africa and Mozambique

Cape Town, desert, Kruger and Mozambique

15 nights to explore the best of Cape Town, discover the desert fauna, go on safaris in the Kruger, on foot and by 4x4, and end up in a nice hotel on the Vilanculos beaches.

Check the price.

Santorini, Vilankulos, Mozambique


Private family villa in Vilanculos

4-5 nights to enjoy one of the most incredible enclaves in Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago from Vilanculos, with the family and in a surprising villa on the beach.

From 5,700  € up to 9,127  € per villa.

These are some ideas, if you want to see more ...

An Adventure Island Haven | andBeyond Benguerra Island | Mozambique

An Adventure Island Haven | andBeyond Benguerra Island | Mozambique

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