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Since 1996 we are in this sector, tourism. We have gone through different economic situations in the world, incredible changes in all sectors, going from fax to email, from the client in the office, to the client on the other side of the planet, who interviews you through a screen ... . and many changes that have made us adapt quickly to improve and reach today, offering the best services.

We started as a retail agency, to become a wholesale-retail agency and thus be able to expand our possibilities in a sector, which, like any other, counts  with fierce competition.

We love working with travel agencies, we speak the same language, we understand the needs of clients together and we look for the best proposals to get satisfied travelers and travel agents.  quiet,  with broad confidence in our products and way of working.

We have travel agencies in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and some other countries in South America, where little by little we are growing, thanks simply to the fact that the agents are recommending us from each other, something that fills us with pride and satisfaction. Well, it is a recognition of our effort.

Every year we make presentations for professionals at different points, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico DF or Acapulco, where a selection of travel agencies come, to expand their knowledge, greet us and see us, since many of these agencies have long since been clients to be friends.

We have a commercial department, in Catalonia, northern Spain and Mexico, which can advise and support you in any request you have from your clients.

It will be a pleasure to walk together and bring our experience to your travel agency and complement your knowledge about Africa with ours, so we can get very far together.

Talk later?

Our advantages

  • We respond to your quotes very quickly.

  • You will have our personalized digital itineraries with your logo and your contact information, this means that it will only take 5 minutes to send the quote to the client, from the moment it reaches your email. You will not have to pass everything to a word, search for photos, convert it to pdf, that with us is part of the past.

  • Your client will have the travel documentation in our mobile application (white label), even when they do not have internet during the trip.

  • You will have a virtual catalog that you can integrate into your website, even being able to customize the url with the name of your agency.

  • The payment of your reservations is made in an account in euros in Spain or in US dollars (South American agencies), so you will not have to make currency changes or assume unnecessary bank charges.

  • Our know-how of the destinations will be yours, we do not keep anything, we want you to make the sale to your clients and have all the information from the first moment.

  • While your client is traveling, you will have our service  of assistance to the traveler, in our mobile phone or whatsapp.

Maletas para safari en África

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