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Safari con niños en Somalisa, Zimbabwe

Safaris with children

A large part of parents dream of traveling to Africa in the company of their children in order to show them the wonders that this fascinating continent still houses.

A family trip with children requires total planning, because depending on the age of the little ones in the house, we will have to select some accommodations or others, since the variety is infinite and not all accept or are prepared to receive the children. little ones of the house.

The times and rhythms that an adult safari needs from a safari for a family with children, change a lot, so to achieve a satisfactory result, we must know all the details of the family that wants to do this safari to adapt the entire experience to their needs. tastes, rhythms and children.

To prepare a safari for a family, we must start by getting to know the children, in this way we will plan special activities for them, accommodations designed to fulfill their wishes and the parents will be the ones to adapt to this rhythm, looking for a safari really for children.

If you have always wanted to show your children, the wonders of African fauna, as well as show other cultures, where things are very different from ours in the West, our safaris will offer you the balance between activities, safaris and knowledge of cultures from the sight of a child.

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Angama Mara Signature Video

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