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Safari para fotógrafos, África

Safaris for photographers

Many photographers turn to us because they cannot find the safari they are looking for in order to obtain the desired photographic results.

In most cases, the combinations that are sought do not work well, starting with taking photography trips sharing the trip with travelers who are not 100% interested in photographing something specific.

At theafricanexperiences we are experts in choosing all the factors so that both amateur, professional or videographer photographers get the trip they are looking for to return with the desired results.

It is important to select the type of vehicle, as not all of them are valid nor will they allow photographing animals in motion or in a race, for example. If we are looking for plans from the ground, we will need to reserve a hide or lie down, with the pertinent authorizations to get out of the car and be able to use our angle comfortably.

We will help you choose the best season, either looking for some of the migrations that happen in Africa or looking for the desired light in the rainy season, where the contrasts are incredible, because each month of the year is different in terms of light in Africa.

And of course if you want a professional result, we can accompany you privately on your trip, while we will help you with the language and local customs, if your level is amateur, you can sign up for one of the outings we have during the year , in small groups of photographers.

Take advantage of our extensive experience to get the photos you want.

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Angama Mara Signature Video

Angama Mara Signature Video

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