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Hotel Zuri, Zanzíbar, Tanzania


Why Zanzibar is special

Zanzibar is magical, known as the Island of Spices and a former slave trade point between Africa and the rest of the world, its history is exciting and today part of that history is breathed in every corner.

The island offers amazing beaches and unforgettable views. Some hotels have sandy beaches, others with sandy beaches and coral, but all with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

The possibilities for staying on the island are endless, from small hotels with mid-level charm, to the most exclusive and luxurious ones to have an unforgettable stay or a unique safari weekend.

You can visit its capital, Stone Town in a totally Arabic style, as it must be remembered that Zanzibar was Omani centuries ago and that has been impregnated in its architecture and culture. With many small streets in the urban area, a visit to Stone Town is highly recommended, ending with a romantic dinner on one of the roofs of its buildings, while you enjoy the sunset.

For those who are more passionate about marine activities, Zanzibar has spectacular funds for divers, where to explore its depths and find dolphins, turtles, corals or  hundreds of colorful fish. If wind is your thing, Zanzibar has one of the best beaches in the world for kitesurfing and if you are a more relaxed traveler, you can snorkel and explore its depths equipped with goggles, fins and lungs full of air.

Zanzibar is the point to connect with 2 other small and secret islands such as Mafia or Pemba, do you sign up ???

White Sands Villa, Paje, Zanzíbar, Tanza

When to travel to Zanzibar

Zanzibar, being close to the Equator and in the Indian Ocean, has a year-round temperature of  30 ° C.

The rainy seasons  are well differentiated:

November and December are the short rains and from March to May are the long rains.

Without a doubt the best time to travel to Zanzibar, if you are looking for sun and beach,  It goes from June to October, as a first option and from December to February as a second option, although you can travel throughout the year, depending on the interests you are  searching.

If what you are looking for is to see the great migration in the Serengeti plains and end up on the beach in good weather, December to February  would be a good time or June and July too, thinking of combining both travel plans. 

Some of our trips

Hotel Zuri, Zanzíbar, Tanzania


Discover the beaches of Kendwa, Zanzibar

4 nights in one of the most charming hotels in Zanzibar, located in a jungle forest and on one of the best beaches, without the incidence of  Indian Ocean tides.

From 1,021  € up to 4.603  € per pers.

Zuri, Zanzíbar, Tanzania

Tanzania and Zanzibar

Charming safari + Zazníbar beaches

7 nights of group safari in charming accommodations +  4 nights in a boutique hotel in the north of Zanzibar enjoying the best beaches on the Island of Spices.

From 3,496  € up to € 4,186 per person

Image by Majkl Velner


Stone Town cultural + boutique beaches

5 nights, combining 2 nights with activities in Stone Town + 3 nights on a beautiful beach in eastern Zanzibar. You will sleep in 2 charming boutique hotels.

Check the price.

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